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About Operation Zero

Stop Veteran Suicide

If you are a veteran in need and are having thoughts of suicide, STOP! Focus on living.
Things can, and will change for the better. You have other vets that have been there and done that.
That's why and how Operation Zero started. It's Vets helping Vets. So put first things first and Call to talk now!
Dial 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1 For Confidential chat visit or text to 838255

What Operation Zero is about

We are not a non profit entity. Operation Zero is the name of a mission we are on. A mission to create Awareness of Veteran Suicide. It is also a mission of education. Educating ourselves and our veteran Brothers on how to identify those at risk and how to begin a conversation that can save their lives. We want to donate to this cause we do not want to collect money in the name of Operation Zero .We want to identify local, (in your area or close to your area) organizations that help support the prevention of Veteran Suicide. A local Vet Counseling Center, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, etc. We want to Donate not receive Donations. Think of Operation Zero the same as you do the POW MIA effort. We don't own the POW MIA logos or the organization that drives it. We support it and we educate those that have forgotten the sacrifices. We created AWARENESS and we EDUCATED. Consider the images, logos etc as "Open Source" for all to use in the cause of our Operation Zero mission. The Artist who created the images retains ownership of them, (he gave them to us) and if need be, we can have him help us with issues of misuse. Have donations made "In support of the Vietnam Vets Legacy Vets MC Operation Zero" If you use an Operation Zero logo on a shirt you design that is cool. Getting the image out there is part of the Awareness component of our Mission. You do NOT have to make a donation to anyone for it's use. Let your conscience be your guide. If you choose to make donations, do so to a local organization that is working to prevent Vets Suicide and make the donation "in support of the Vietnam Vets Legacy Vets MC Operation Zero." Never Forget! Never quit on life and be your Brothers defender when he is vulnerable and hurting. Together we can reduce these terrible losses. Do it for your Brothers and Sisters. Do it for yourself.